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Changes for 2020

Please take a look at the updated website for 2020.

Who is forgotten feet charity?

The aim of this project is to put in place a free regular chiropody/podiatry service for those most in need and least likely to have the means to access it. This targets the homeless population, but also includes the socially isolated and vulnerable populations; It is set up in locations where it can be easily accessed by these people.

Whats new on our website?

  1. Our interactive events page, it allows you to search by month and by category. The front page will display the next event we shall be attending. This makes it easier for you to see what events we are attending in the future.
  2. Our news section displays up to date information.
    • Posts written by the committee members and trustees.
    • A display of our latest facebook posts, with fabulous pictures and stories from volunteers.
  3. Our new contact forms, to make it easier offering to support the team or for general contact enquires.

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