The following commentaries & reviews from our first clinics are given here because they reflect the importance & value of the work we do in each and every place across the whole of the country.

Feedback No 1

“Forgotten Feet have made remarkable progress in improving the health and wellbeing of our service users over the time they have been engaging with us. Perhaps the most interesting measure of the beneficial effect Debi is having lies in the attitude of the service users. When the initiative started few people were putting themselves forward for help. As the service has gained more credence this situation has reversed, there is now an appointment system in place to cope with the high demand for help. This is perhaps the most telling indicator of success in that there is a clear perception among the service users that their difficulties are being resolved.”

“Forgotten Feet has enabled some service users to alleviate the symptoms of painful and long term neglect of their feet allowing them to emerge from a cycle of despair. Others have benefitted by finding the remedial action has moved them from being medically unfit for work into the fit for work category. A third group have found the treatment and attention has helped them in developing a more positive view of life so ameliorating their mental health difficulties.”

“Perhaps the most profound effect has been in restoring service users faith in medical services, if they see the benefits of engaging with podiatry then it is a small step to get motivated to engage with dentists for example.”

“In summary, engagement with Forgotten Feet has had a range of positive outcomes from the direct improvement of feet to the alleviation of mental health problems with the added benefit of making it more likely for service users to engage with other medical services.”

Maggs Day Centre

Feedback No 2

“We have been very fortunate to have benefited from the professional services of Debbie Monk at our community based initiative, the Stratford Link Project, for over 12 months now.”

“The service Debbie provides is invaluable to our attendees who often neglect their foot health due to a number of internal/external challenges facing them. She attends every 6 weeks to offer a drop in service where the attendees can access foot health care.”

“The service Debbie provides is totally free of charge which is essential as nearly all of the people accessing it are in receipt of state funded benefits, and therefore have minimal disposable income. These services would most likely not be available to them through their GP’s and again some do not actually access statutory health services so it becomes another opportunity to promote good health with the aim of encouragement and support.”

“The Stratford Link Project’s core objectives are to provide vulnerable people in the community with choice and opportunity to enhance their lives, be active in the community and reduce negative behaviour. It has been operating for nearly 3 years and continued to develop during this time to meet the needs of the attendees.”

“We have a flat which is open for people who are ‘socially isolated’ to drop in twice weekly where they can access a range of support services such as the Homeless Prevention Officer for Stratford District Council, Bromford Support worker (as we manage the project), ESH Works (who support people with addiction issues), Midland Heart & Coventry Cyrenians (rough sleeper support services).”

“We have access to a vegetable patch for people to undertake positive diversionary activities, laptops for people to access the internet, song writing courses and the opportunity for bespoke activities based on what attendees want.”

“People can also access free breakfast style food, use the washing facilities and (it is) a neutral environment as opposed to statutory services.”“The project is available to all but typically our attendees have suffered with significant challenges in their lives which have led to negative outcomes (such as homelessness, addiction issues, poor mental/ physical well-being, etc). This in turn limits their opportunities and constricts them in to negative way of life. We aim to help them access positive choices and opportunities to break out of this cycle. Physical health is essential in this process, which is where the services provided by Debbie fit in perfectly.”

Stratford Link Project