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Jill Perryman
Jill Perryman1 month ago
I have a box of socks...would anyone like them? I live in Street, Somerset but I'm happy to mail them.
Jill Perryman
Jill Perryman3 months ago
Is the Taunton branch up and running again yet? How can I make contact with them?
Forgotten Feet - Helping Homeless Feet
Forgotten Feet - Helping Homeless Feet5 months ago
I would like to give a big shout out to thank all our volunteers who have restarted Forgotten Feet clinics at this difficult time. We also have a few new ones starting up. We have had a bit of a stop/ start going on in some areas to fall in line with restrictions, but overall, things are picking up. We have a good stock of footwear if any of our clinics are in need - please message me and I will get some sent out to you .
Thank you everyone šŸ˜Š
Cameron Kippen
Cameron Kippen11 months ago
Passed on in good faith
Marie Robinson
Marie Robinson12 months ago
Good morning šŸ˜‰ with the support of Debi Monk and the Forgotten Feet Team Iā€™m looking at starting a session at the Maggs Centre in Malvern but need a friendly podiatrist to work alongside me šŸ™‚
The centre is only small at the moment and only open 2 days a week so Iā€™m thinking maybe a session every 10/12 weeks to begin with.
If you or anyone you know might be interested could you contact me please šŸ¦¶ šŸ¦¶